MAX'S MACHINES - The Best Pop-Up Book-Ever

By Willy Bullock.

Max is a mechanic. He just can't resist tinkering, twiddling, pulling, pressing, turning and fiddling with machines. With disastrous results! For budding mechanics, mad inventors and creative whizz-kids. Three double-page very-complex pop-up spreads with pull-tab motions.
Size: 28 x 33 cm / 5 double pages
1999 Scholastic Children's Books, London
Printed in Colombia
ISBN: 0590542648    P&MB: not listed
Value: £14.99 - 2001 List price
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Max's Machines is unbelievble. Top five in my book. -C.Langton
A fascinating learning book with fun animation that everyone will enjoy! -C.Lilly
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Thank you, Charan Langton, for contributing information on this book.

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