A Fun-Filled Story With Action Surprises On Every Page! - THE SUPER SPACE RICE - A Hallmark Pop-Up Book
Text by Jan Hooten, illustrations by Nancy Duell, paper mechanics by Dick Dudley, design by Rick Lyons.
A very fun story about Tammy and Tim, two adventurous children, who take a ride on a friendly alien space ship to see wonderful and interesting sights. Five pop-ups, five tab-mechanicals, one turn-wheel, and many lift-flaps add action to the very colorful illustrations. Hallmark Pop-Up Book (series next title).
Size: 17 x 24 cm / 8 double pages
(1980) Hallmark Cards Inc, MO
Printed in Singapore
ISBN: none       P&MB: (1) 298-2
Value: $85 - 2000 PopUpParadise.com
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A delightful and imaginative story, with lots of fun movable illustrations! -C.Lilly
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